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      The newest artwork from IWC Replica Watches's Metiers d'Art Studio features an image of Ganesh – the god of learning and wisdom, as well the removers of obstacles. Ganesh, one of Hinduism's most important deities, is often represented by an elephant head.

      Fine engraving, damascening and shakudo were used to create the image of the elephant headed god. The same godlike creature is depicted in the Villeret Shakudo watch that won the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Geneve, Artistic Crafts prize, in 2015.

      The Villeret Collection also includes this exceptional novelty.IWC Replica Watches The dial of the watch is a shakudo. The artisans of the manufacturer treat the surface in a subtle way several times before achieving the delicate shades of black that are characteristic of the shakudo method. The art form originated in Japan where it was used historically to decorate katana fittings and jewelry, as well as other ornaments. This alloy is a mixture of gold and copper that looks similar to bronze due to its high copper content. (Approximately 96-90%). However, after a unique process of patination, heating and patination, the indigo black patina that resembles lacquer appears.

      The number of arms can vary between two and sixteen. Ganesh is shown holding various objects in each of his hands. Left side of Ganesh's body represents emotion and right side,Rolex Day Date Replica reason. The upper left hand depicts an axe, while the upper right hand shows a lotus. This is meant to represent that spiritual perfection can only be achieved by cutting secular attachments, as well as overcoming emotions. Lower left hand is holding a bowl of laddus, which are ball-shaped Indian sweets. They symbolize the good fortune and wealth that Ganesh's followers receive. Lower right hand in blessing position, while a mouse appears at the feet of Ganesh to signify that the ego has been conquered and is no longer affected by worldly temptations.

      This time-honoured motif is only mastered by the Swiss watchmaking company. The dial base is a unique example of another art form called damascening, which is only used by the Swiss watchmaking company.

      The IWC Replica Watches Metiers d'Art Villeret Ganesh comes in a 45mm diameter red gold case, with IWC Replica Watches's double-stepped bezel. The case houses the hand-wound, in-house produced caliber 15B. The ultra-slim movement is made up of 117 parts, and has 20 jewels. The flawless movement can store enough energy to run the watch for 40 hours.

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