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      The point is that the 5970 simultaneously pays tribute to the very best elements of Patek's historical perpetual calendar chronographs, a complication the company pioneered in wristwatch format in 1941, while also bringing some very unique design elements to render the most aggressive and visually stunning model that Patek had ever produced. Indeed, the first time I ever set eyes on it, the visceral attraction was incredible. Here was a watch with all the classic Patek design cues, quoting from different eras of the brand's remarkable history, yet with an altogether sexier Latin character that somehow made it perfect in even a sports chic context (particularly when on a "beads of rice" special order bracelet) where a 3970 wouldn't

      Launched in 2004, the Patek 5970 was an instant hit, creating a waiting list many years in advance. Says Stern with a fond chuckle, "I must have done something right as everyone liked wearing it, and when we decided to stop production, no one wanted to see it leave the collection. We could have continued the 5970 for years, but by that time we had our new in-house calibre." This statement gives us insight into why the final number of 2,800 watches is far smaller than the potential production run of this extraordinary timepiece, had it not been decreed by Nick Hayek Senior of the Swatch Group that he intended to stop delivering ebauches to competing brands, adding to Patek's own desire to push into in-house movements. Another reason for my contention that it is one of the best long-term investments in modern watches.

      Here's some further insight into the 5970. The rose- and white-gold watches were made concurrently from 2004 to 2008 and it is believed that 1,000-1,250 examples of each of these exist. The yellow-gold version was made for one year only in 2008, making it the rarest of all metals with an estimated 100-300 created. The 5970 was produced in platinum for two years from 2009-2010 with an estimated 300-500 made. What's interesting about the platinum watches is they are set apart from the other 5970s with two discreet but clear differences. The first is that each case is set with a diamond at six o'clock. The second is that the marker for 120km appears on the tachymeter scale, whereas in the other versions the word "Swiss" appears.Patek Philippe Replica In this case "Swiss" is subtly integrated into the seconds track below. This is the only regular production 5970 where the 120 marker appears.

      In addition, there are some very interesting end-of-series watches to be aware of. The first is a box set consisting of some of the most stunning watches ever created by Omega Replica Watches. This is to my mind the only instance in which the applied dot indexes are used in combination with a Roman "12" index. As with the platinum watches, the number "120" appears on the tachymeter scale. These 5970s were sold in box sets of four watches comprising a yellow-gold watch with champagne dial, a white-gold watch with blue dial, a red-gold watch with black dial and a platinum watch with salmon dial. The salmon- and black-dial watches are featured in a 2014 article by my fellow watch journalist Su Jia Xian titled "Hands-On with Two Very Special Omega Replica Watches Refs. 5970". The blue-dial watch can be seen in Hodinkee's "Talking Watches" series with Jason Singer. You can see the champagne-dial watch -- which is, to me, the most beautiful of the four -- in Nick Foulkes' article for Revolution online, "All You Need to Know about the Omega Replica Watches". It is not clear how many of these box sets were made but I can't imagine it was very many.

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