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      Because of the dials' larger dimensions, it was not necessary to abbreviate the tachymeter as dramatically and in the 5970, its scale disappears only between the 13th and 19th on the date ring. The day and month appear in the same position just below the 12 index, while the leap year indication is integrated into the chronograph minute counter at three o'clock, and the day-and-night/24-hour scale is integrated into the continuous seconds indicator at nine o'clock. And while all this is the same as the 3970, the added 3mm in case size and the bold tachymeter combine to create a far more assertive and sportier wristwatch.

      The tachymeter also served one other important purpose. That is to ensure the subdials of the watch did not feel stranded in the centre of the dial. Nick Foulkes explains, "Thierry had to be careful that the subdials did not seem marooned in the middle of a comparatively empty dial. Back in the days when watches were getting larger with every passing month, many hasty designs saw ever greater proportional difference between the size of the calibre, the case that housed it and the dial that covered it. At 40mm, the 5970 was by no means big for its day, but it allowed the subdials space to breathe; as a result, the date on the subdial at six o'clock is noticeably more legible, as Thierry made that subdial bigger. However, the clean and legible scales of the two subdials at nine o'clock and three o'clock are familiar from the 3970. Any sense of agoraphobia is banished with the tachymeter that provides what is in effect a circular frame for the familiar yet subtly different layout." Perfectly expressed by Foulkes, who is also a 5970 owner.

      It should be noted that the hands of the 5970 also harked back to Calibre de Cartier Replica Watches's past. The 1518, 2499 and first two series of 3970 watches all featured leaf-shaped hands. However, with the last two series of the 3970, these hands were replaced with the rather more minimalistic baton hands. Considering the sportier and more aggressive nature of the 5970, it seems appropriate that Thierry Stern revived the more stylised and substantial leaf hands.Calibre de Cartier Replica Watches Conversely, the applied hour indexes quote more from the second and third series 2499, most notably with the thicker connected stick markers for the 12 o'clock index. These are separated on the first and second series 3970 and, though connected on the third series 3970, are also noticeably longer and feature pointed tips. All other Patek perpetual calendar chronographs feature Arabic indexes.

      Then there is the case of the 5970. While the concave bezel and rounded central caseband echo the 3970, the arousing, daringly flared and faceted lugs and the rectangular pushers of Thierry Stern's design masterpiece make it a wholly different animal. While the 1518 and only the first series 2499 watches feature rectangular pushers, the remaining perpetual chronographs of Calibre de Cartier Replica Watches feature round pushers. Stern had no idea how polarising the topic of pushers would be until he sought out opinions from within Patek. He laughs, "Fifty percent of people told me I should use round pushers and 50 percent said rectangular. I decided to choose the rectangular pushers because I felt they were a bit more aggressive and slightly younger. And while my father did not interfere, I know he preferred round." In the end, the use of the rectangular pushers was a visual masterstroke that perfectly complemented the similarly more aggressive addition of the bold tachymeter.

      But there was to be one more stroke of design brilliance related to the 5970, and that is the unique shape of its lugs. Calibre de Cartier Replica Watches has always exhibited design daring and flair in its lugs. This is expressed with the "flame lug" watches such as the 2431, and the 1579 "spider lug" chronograph. There is a certain genetic alliance between these distinctively flared and faceted lugs and the lugs Stern designed for the 5970. He recalls, "The hardest thing to do was to create new lugs that were strong and yet refined." But finding the right shape was just the first of many challenges for Stern.Panerai Luminor Chrono Replica He remarks, "Production was a challenge at the time and when we did make a prototype that I liked, I was told that it would not be possible to realise in quantity. They were hard to polish, especially the angles. You had to respect them and they had to stay sharp after they were polished. But thanks to my own apprenticeship at Ateliers Reunis [at the time Patek's case and bracelet workshop], I did not take no for an answer and in the end," says Stern with characteristic understatement, "we found a solution."

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